Mobile Cocktail bars for Weddings

Mobile cocktail bars for weddings are an exciting way to entertain your guests. We asked Ryu founder at Kampai Cocktails for his cocktail of the moment.

Rose Petal Royal

Rose Petal Royal

Ryu says – “Our latest cocktail that is perfect for wedding is called Rose Petal Royal (Rose & pomegranate cordial mixed with vodka and pressed apple juice. Topped up with sparkling wine.) Not too rosy or sweet, perfectly balanced elegant drink.”

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Mollys Pizza


Our Newest supplier is Molly’s Pizza.  Here at WIS HQ, we were so excited to see this new fresh idea we’d thought we share it…

“At Molly’s we make fantastic wood fired pizza. According to many, ‘ The best this side of Naples’. All of our dough is made by hand and we only use the best locally sourced ingredients. We have a large list of specialities including both meat and vegetarian options. Our speciality pizza is the Molly’s which is Prosciutto, French Brie and sweet onion chutney.

Our beautiful hand crafted oven is built into the back of the van so everyone can see the pizzas made and cooked right in front of their eyes. We can make a fully bespoke menu using only your favourite toppings. We normally make individual pizzas that are around 10″ but we are also happy to do it by the slice.”

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It’s officially Summer in WIS Towers as the temperature has risen above 16C!  Summer to us means urban weddings,  al-fresco dining, sipping champagne and popping strawberries.  Summer weddings also means that you can use that gorgeous outside space to create a festival feel to your wedding.  We have come up with some fab ideas to feed and wow your guests at the same time.  Perfect for the wedding reception drinks, full wedding breakfast (with a difference) or to provide something entirely different for your evening guests.  Urban street food is the new vibe for weddings.

Bubbles & Berries – mobile vintage champagne bar

Meet a 43 year old vintage Citroen H called Frank. Bubbles & Berries are a mobile bar company with a twist.  They specialise in two of the greatest things known to man – champagne and strawberries.  “if I could only have one drink for the rest of my life – easy champagne” – owner Pete Atkinson’s wife on New Year’s Eve 2012.  There set the seed for an idea . Pete was racking his brains for gift ideas for his wife and thought the two sure fire winners was bubbly and luscious strawberries – Bubbles and Berries was born.  They do weddings, private events, corporate events, you name it they do it.  The best part is they rock up in “Frank” dressed up in flat caps, pink braces, grey ties and excellent jokes.  They can offer a full mobile bar to champagne reception.  View Bubbles & Berries on Weddings in Surrey. Bubbles & Berries - Mobile Vintage Champagne BarBubbles & Berries - Mobile Vintage Champagne BarBubbles & Berries - Mobile Vintage Champagne Bar

Paella & Co – paella and party tapas caterers

Paella & Co. specialise in creating delicious and memorable paella and tapas wedding breakfasts.  Paella is their passion.  They have been cooking authentic paellas and tapas for over seven years at their beautiful Hotel L’Avenida in the mountains of Mallorca.  They still own the hotel, but are now living and cooking the amazing food of Spain  here in the UK. 

The philosophy is simple – to use the freshest, most authentic ingredients to create fabulous paellas and delicious tapas. Provenance is paramount to everything they cook. The rice is from the Navarra region of Spain,  and the earthy smoky paprika comes from La Vera where farmers still roast the red capsicums over wood fires. Chorizo and hams come from small producers and estates.

​From 40 to 1000 guests, their mouth watering  food is enjoyed by happy clients at weddings, birthday parties, special celebrations, sporting events, festivals, charity bashes, and corporate gatherings. They can cook paellas indoors as well as outside. The possibilities are only limited by imagination!

Paella Street Food - Weddings in Surrey

Butcherland Lamb Roasts – organic lamb on a spit

Forget hog roasts and BBQs,  beautiful organic lamb roasted for hours slowly over a spit beside a wood fire will make your guests drool.   Butcherland Roasts have been roasting lambs beside a wood fire since 1988, It was a skill learnt from their forefathers, when the spit was still turned by a person having to continuously pull a chain. They use the same traditional family butcher for the lamb who is well known for his homemade sausages, organic lamb and beef.  A work of art, it takes 2 hours to set everything up and 5 hours to cook the lamb.  The lamb is constantly turned on a spit and by being constantly basted the meat is mouth wateringly moist.  Perfect for your evening guests on a balmy Summer night. Butcherland Roasts - Weddings in Surrey

 Fish and Chips

There is nothing quite like traditional British fish and chips and we just love this idea for a low key wedding. Choose fish and chips as your favourite on your wedding breakfast menu either as a mini canapé, main course, or instead of an old traditional evening buffet. Increasing amounts of brides, grooms, party organisers, and event planners are booking traditional British fish and chips for their freshness, cost effectiveness and health benefits. Simon Cowell served some of his favourite delicacies such as Shepherds pie, fish and chips and mini roast beef and Yorkshire pudding hors d’oeuvres at his 50th birthday bash.  Honest traditional home cooked food is making a come back and will be a wow with your guests.

Fish & Chips Wedding Catering Fish & Chips Wedding Catering


Little India

We are super excited about KK Catering who have a plethora of catering vans to suit just about every occasion.  Our special favourite is Little India – a mobile street food catering van.  Authentic Indian food their menu of enticing Indian street foods includes all the classic favourites, from creamy kormas, aromatic baltis and tempting masalas to fiery hot madras’s, all served with mini naan breads, and the option of rice or chips. There’s something for everyone, with the smooth and mild coconut sauce of the korma an ideal choice for kids, whilst the garam masala of the balti dishes makes it a delicious first time curry choice for those looking to experience Indian cuisine for the first time. For those who love their curry with a real spicy kick, the tantalising madras will delight with it’s hot and spicy tomato based sauce. Not just for meat eaters, as well as succulent chicken all curry dishes are available as a vegetarian option, so now even the most difficult guest can be catered for.  KK Catering   Indian Wedding Street FoodIndian Wedding Street Food   View other wedding catering ideas on Weddings in Surrey


Trying to feed a large number of guests at one time can be difficult.  However a traditional Lamb Roast cooked outside is an excellent solution. Organic lambs are cooked beside a log fire for your guests to watch and enjoy the intoxicating aroma as it cooks slowly for around 5 hours.

Bruce from Butcherland Lamb Roast says:
“We have been roasting lambs beside a wood fire for about 15 years. My wife’s Father, who was taught by his Father many years ago, taught us.  In fact my father-in-law helped cook his first lamb on his fathers knee at the age of about 10 months for the “Horn Fair” at Ebernoe, and he has cooked nearly all the lambs there for the last 60 years”.


Taking around 5 hours to cook, it’s constantly turning on a spit to achieve even cooking. Underneath is a stainless steel drip tray which catches the fat, this is then used to baste continuously during the cooking process. It allows all the fat to cook away but by constant basting the meat stays very moist and takes on a delicious unique Smokey flavour. 

When the Lamb is cooked it’s placed on a tray for carving, which can be done in a catering kitchen or in front of your guests. They also supply chaffing dishes to keep the lamb hot before it is served.  Their lamb can be served formally, buffet style or served into a soft roll for more casual events. They cater for Weddings, Christenings, family Business, Corporate lunches Anniversaries, Birthdays & Moroccan themed parties. 

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Have you thought about mobile bar hire for your wedding and wowing your guests with a mobile cocktail bar. Kampai Cocktails are one of our suppliers and here’s some of their ideas to get your guests in the mood.

Peach Bellini

White Peach Puree and Peach Liqueur married with Prosecco – The classic Venetian aperitif.  A fresh tasting, elegant classic cocktail and one of the best aperitifs. I would not recommend making this cocktail with Champagne in place of Prosecco – the mild Italian sparkling wine marries well with the delicate fruit.

Apple Mojito

Fresh Mint and Lime muddled with Apple Juice and Ginger Beer with a hint of Passion fruit. A sweet and fruity twist on the enduring classic Virgin Mojito – the perfect driver’s option.

Jalisco Berry

Fresh Raspberry muddled with Tequila, Agave Syrup and Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice with an elegant touch of Pedro Ximénez Sherry. If you think you don’t like tequila, try this cocktail. It will change your life.

Blackbird Fizz

Blackbird Fizz

Lavender Infused Gin mixed with Nettle Tea, Freshly Squeezed Lemon Juice, and a drop of Sugar, finished with Tonic Water. When you infuse Lavender, be careful not to over infuse it – this can make the spirit very bitter. Lavender has got such a powerful characteristic and if you are not careful it is easily over-infused. I recommend 2 lavenders for one hour per 70cl bottle.


Old Fashioned

A simple mix of Bourbon Whiskey, Sugar and Bitters. Some bartenders use cubed sugar rather than sugar syrup, as that was the original way, but the sugar does not always dissolve properly, so it can be difficult to achieve the correct balance of flavours.