Felicity Westmacott Dressmaker, due to a wedding deferment, has a slot in July to make a short notice wedding dress  – perfect for last minute weddings taking place this Summer 2016 and beyond.  Fed up with not finding your dream dress in off the rack samples?  Felicity can help you have your very own bespoke wedding dress of your dreams.

Usually she is booked up 6 months in advance, but for one lucky bride a slot has become available in July!  And as it is last minute Felicity is also offering a £300 discount too.  Typically a bespoke wedding dress designed by Felicity Westmacott would cost in the region of £1600 – £1850 for the design and making of the dress exclusing the cost of fabrics.

Every dress is unique and individual, and thus the prices will vary depending on the dreams of the bride to be!

Felicity Westmacott Dressmaker - Weddingsinsurrey.co.uk

Felicity Westmacott Dressmaker - Weddingsinsurrey.co.uk


Felicity Westmacott Dressmaker - Weddingsinsurrey.co.uk

Contact Felicity Westmacott Dressmaker and quote Weddings in Surrey

e:  emailme@felicitywestmacott.co.uk

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Mobile Cocktail bars for Weddings

Mobile cocktail bars for weddings are an exciting way to entertain your guests. We asked Ryu founder at Kampai Cocktails for his cocktail of the moment.

Rose Petal Royal

Rose Petal Royal

Ryu says – “Our latest cocktail that is perfect for wedding is called Rose Petal Royal (Rose & pomegranate cordial mixed with vodka and pressed apple juice. Topped up with sparkling wine.) Not too rosy or sweet, perfectly balanced elegant drink.”

Fot more information http://www.kampaicocktails.co.uk

Kampai Cocktails

Looking for a wedding diet and training plan that actually works?  One that doesn’t take a year to achieve your look and goals?  I signed up to the Tim E Fitness training plan which promises just that.

I think it is fair to say, although it is an emotional subject for some, that most brides to be want to shape up for their wedding day and start some kind of wedding diet before the event.  There are some brides that will even delay their wedding for a year or two while they try and stick to a wedding diet to lose weight.  Although I am not getting married (as I already have a gorgeous hubby) I agreed to test the wedding diet devised by Tim E Fitness, that can get you the body image and weight you want in just 12 weeks.  I was a little scared, as weight is not a massive problem for me ( I could do with losing a couple of Kgs,) but I definitely needed to lose wobbly fat rolls from my middle having passed my prime years of looking good.


It’s been around 10 weeks since I started the Tim E Fitness training plan in how to get the body you want in the shortest possible time.  When I first looked at the schedule I realised it was going to be tough but you don’t get any body image results without putting some effort in.

The Tim E Fitness plan is like having your own online trainer who has provided a personal eating and training plan based on your weight and goals.  For me, I need to lose little weight but definitely need to tone up the jelly belly and flabby arms and legs.

The key here, other than exercise, is to balance your proteins, fats and carbs, and know when is the right time to be eating them and in what quantities.

I never knew that you should only consider eating carbs when you have exercised.

As Tim explains “When you work out, your body’s glycogen stores will be drained, and need to be topped up with good quality carbohydrates.  Glycogen is stored carbohydrate in your muscles which will power your training and affect your metabolism.

Consuming large amounts of carbs raises your blood sugar – the body then releases insulin to bring your bloody sugar level back down.  This is a good thing after training because insulin will take the calories straight to the muscle cells for rebuilding and recovery. 

However, at any other time of day, insulin can store those calories in the adipose (fat) tissue.  So if you’ve topped up your carbs and are still taking in more later on in the day, your body’s fat burning process will come to a stop trying to cope with the increased energy (glycogen). 

The carbs I suggest that you do consume later on in the day will all be complex carbs (slow releasing energy) which won’t slow down the fat burning process.” 

Simple advice but one which we generally do not stick to.

And fats are good for you (yay!) in small quantities.  Now, I just adore my vegetables, and being told I can eat these unlimited with the exception of a few carb filled ones, is music to my ears.  Couple some vegetables with rice, pasta, and a protein to balance the meal and I am happy.  On top of these I can eat every 3 hours too (double yay).  Add lots of water during the day to rehydrate and you are ‘On Plan’.

For the best results alcohol is best not drunk (what!!!) and I have to confess that I had cheated.  What with birthdays, holidays, get togethers and other bad excuses the vino was consumed.  No worries, though as Tim has a plan for those of us who fall off the wagon!

Track your progress on the My Fitness app to keep you on track, and you can monitor your calories in versus calories out, and your exercise.

There’s a great training workout plan too with no need to join an expensive gym, as all of the exercising can be done in your own home.  There’s a great video to watch too if you’re not sure on the techniques.

3 high intensity interval training sessions a quick at just 25 minutes per session is doable for most people.  I am lucky enough to belong to a health club and actually enjoy leaping about in a high intensity structured class, so this was an easy part of the plan for me.

The other piece of equipment I invested in was a Fitbit – to monitor my steps and my calories burnt was a great motivator for me.  Knowing that on my rest days I needed to step up a bit made me cover those miles to burn the calories.  You can see in the chart below that most days I achieve over 10,000 steps.

Wedding Diet - Timn E Fitness - Surrey

I have achieved nearly 1 million steps since end of February, walked over 370 miles and burnt nearly 500,000 calories! My highest achievement was just under 30,000 steps in one day, but that did involve partying which negated the alcohol and diet that day!

Wedding Diet - Tim E Fitness - Weddings in Surrey

So what has this meant to my weight and shape I hear you ask!  Well, my weight is broadly the same just a couple of Kgs in it, but I wasn’t really in this to lose weight as such, and the muscle mass has adjusted my fat weight to lean weight.

The biggest difference is my body shape.  Cutting out the carbs, and eating a balanced diet together with a training plan has seen my wobbly bits slowly disappearing, a firmer stomach with a hint of a something pack (just a hint), toned legs and arms, and a good rear view in tight skinnies.  I’m delighted.



If you want a wedding diet and training plan to improve your body image for your wedding day, get in touch with Tim and see how he can get you the perfect look in the shortest possible time.  Tim E Fitness will produce a personal eating and training plan designed to meet your objectives.

To get your personal plan to achieve your perfect look for your big day get in touch with Tim now.

E:  tim@tim-e-fitness.com

W: www.time-e-fitness.com

T: 07876 781428



Here’s the list of the top 10 first dances from Back Track Disco
Back Track Disco
For further information visit www.backtrackdisco.co.uk

Wedding Entertainment Idea

Having your wedding photos taken are a major part of the day.  You need time to take the perfect pictures to treasure for a lifetime, which may make a ‘wedding lull’ for your guests.  Why not make the time fly by for your guests by putting on some wedding entertainment. A completely different idea is to invite David a caricaturist to charm your wedding guests with live on the spot drawings. It breaks the ice and raises hoots of laughter. It can also be a good idea while your guests are enjoying your evening celebrations too.

Heres some examples of his work…..Grove Cartoons

Grove Cartoons

Grove Cartoons

Grove Cartoons

Grove Cartoons  Grove Cartoons

Grove Cartoons


Here are two of his packages


Session 1

Straight after the ceremony and into the pre drinks, it’s a good time for me to mingle and draw whilst photo’s are being taken, then proceeding into and over the meal time. I ought to add, that no guests have to hold a define pose and can blissfully continue eating and chatting. This period is an excellent time for me to capture the bride and groom, and other important wedding party members, i.e, the bridesmaids, ushers and parents as they maybe on the top table together.

Session 2

The evening session is more straightforward, as guests start to let the hair down and waistcoats become unbuttoned. I’ll be ready to start after the speeches whilst the venue is being prepared for the evening celebrations and then I can continue – however late you want me.Within 3 hours I’d be able to do 40 caricatures!, so there will be ample opportunity for those who want a caricature to have one. Its great wedding Entertainment.

For the afternoon session I adopt my approach according the space and seating of the venue, either I fit into gaps with a stall and draw guests on the tables or I’ll stand up and do it. Also for the evening I either hop around the tables or I’ll pull up some chairs and let down the anchor, and sometimes a bit of both.

Prices vary depending on the date and location for travel etc. Fee’s between £220-£270 for 3 hours. If interested please do get in contact and look forward to hearing from you.